Harp v0.12.1 – Boilerplate support

A new release of Harp is available, allowing you to initialise any new project with a boilerplate from GitHub.

Initialise a Harp app with any GitHub repo

Boilerplates, -b for short

Thanks to @zeke, harp init is a lot more powerful. Now, you can initialise any project on GitHub as a boilerplate for Harp. For example, if you wanted to get started with the Remedy boilerplate right from the command like, you can now run:

harp init --boilerplate kennethormandy/hb-remedy
# Downloading boilerplate: https://github.com/kennethormandy/hb-remedy
# Initialized project at /path/to/your/project

Or, use any of the default boilerplates in the Harp Boilerplates repository without needing to specify a user name:

harp init --boilerplate hb-blog
# Downloading boilerplate: https://github.com/harp-boilerplates/hb-blog
# Initialized project at /path/to/your/project

There’s more details in the new documentation for Initializing a Harp Application.

Multihost updated

Multihost is working better than ever thanks to @silentrob. If you have a folder full of Harp Applications or any static sites you’d like to serve, you can run harp multihost on the directory to serve them all at once.

harp multihost path/to/my-apps
# Harp is now serving multiple apps at http://harp.nu:9000

There’s more detailed instructions in the updated Harp Multihost documentation.

Installing the latest version

You can update to the latest version of Harp with:

npm update -g harp

You may need to use sudo npm update -g harp depending on your setup. If you haven’t installed Harp yet, get started with

npm install -g harp

and take a look at the quick start guide. Now, you’re ready to play with what’s new in Harp v0.12.1.


Many issues have been taken care of thanks to community contributions. Thanks to everyone who’s opened a an issue or pull request on Harp or Terraform!

  • Fixed BOM encoding issue for Markdown files, thanks to @ryanlewis
  • Clarified that Terraform is MIT licensed, thanks to @108ium
  • Tested every preprocessor for special characters
  • Properly allow dot characters in the filename, thanks to @gadr

If you’re interested in getting helping contribute to Harp at any level, we’d be more than happy to have you. Just open an issue on GitHub and we’ll get the discussion started.


Almost every preprocessor has been upgraded for this release of Harp.