Harp Weekly – Community Checkin

This Harp Weekly contains projects from the community: new event, features, and ways to deploy your static projects.

Prototyping Harp’s Live Reload and Compass support with Gulp

Harp is awesome. Only missing two things my workflow has grown accustomed to – Compass and Live Reload. … I just couldn't wait for either. Orlin Bozhinov, orlin/statica

Orlin has put together a gulp-harp package of sorts. Rather than make it a traditional gulp plugin—which would go against their philosophy—instead it brings in some features was eager to have added.

We’re looking forward to having Live Reload support built into Harp in the future, and hopefully libsass will eventually support Compass. If, however, you’re interested in Gulp and Harp, you might like to take a look at this package.

Polyglot 2014 in Vancouver

Polyglot is an Unconference in Vancouver, BC. This year, their site was built with Harp. Last year, there was a talk on the Harp Platform by @sintaxi. We’re looking forward to chatting with more people about Harp this year, so let us know if you’ll be in the area for the event!

Photo by Adron Hall

Polyglot is co-organised by the WealthBar team. They’ve done some interesting things with Harp in the past, like building a static app that used the browser’s audio API, and clickable prototypes to test parts of their product. (Which, if we’re lucky, they’ll write about in the future!)


CodeDay is a 24-hour hack-a-thon for students interested in technology and programming, at any skill level. There are events being held in Seattle, San Francisco, Phoenix, Boston, and more. If you’re interested, or know a student who might be, take a look at their site, which was built using Harp.

Let us know on Twitter or send me an email if you’re a student interested in using Harp during the event. We’ll do what we can to help.

Deploy Harp apps to Docker through Octohost

If you’re looking to release a static application or site through Docker, Octohost is looking to help you. Darron has put together a quick screencast that shows you how to get a Harp application online using their command line tools.

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