Harp Weekly – Three Static Patterns

This edition of Harp Weekly includes plenty of patterns you can use when building a static site with Harp.

Nested Layouts

Raymond Camden of Adobe has become a staple of Harp Weekly, and I couldn’t be happier about it! Last week, he recorded a screencast, and this week he will show you how you can use nested layouts with Harp.

Writing short-form with Harp

being able to code natively in Sass and Jade rather than CSS and HTML is frickin’ awesome.

Short Form Blog wrote—briefly, as you might expect—about some of the benefits of Harp, and deploying to the Harp Platform.

A client-side redirects recipe

Redirects are important if you’re moving an existing site over to Harp. We’re looking at the best way to build this into Harp—or how to build on contributions from the community. In the meantime, there’s a new recipe on a workaround for adding client-side redirects.

Adding next and previous links to your posts

Raymond also wrote about adding next and previous links to your static blog. This information is already available through the _data.json you’re writing, and Raymond will show you how to put it to good use:

You can also try out the Baseline or Remedy Harp boilerplates, which have this feature built-in.

npm update

It’s worth noting that there was a change made to npm this week that may require some changes to your setup. If you’re receiving a SELF_SIGNED_CERT_IN_CHAIN error when you try and install something through npm, this blog post should help.

Next Harp Weekly

The next edition of Harp Weekly will feature community projects—let me know if you’ve built something with Harp and would like to see it featured! Follow Harp on Twitter to get the latest updates on Harp.