Harp Weekly – Harp v0.11.0 and the year in review

Harp’s year has been exciting—right up to this week, when Sass support was officially added. Now, you can write SCSS just as easily as LESS and Stylus, all without ever flattening the preprocessed CSS.

The Harp v0.11.0 release post introduces SCSS—if you’ve been waiting to try out Harp and SCSS, now is the perfect time! Just sudo npm install -g harp.

Easily use Foundation 5 or Bourbon

The post will also show you how to get started with Harp and Foundation 5 or Bourbon & Neat. Harp is an amazing way to try out either of these front-end frameworks; if you’ve used Harp with Bootstrap before you know just how effective these pairings can be.

There’s now a documentation page for Sass, too. Sass has been the most commonly searched terms on the site, so it should be exciting to see what people start building with Harp and Sass!

Share your event

It was great to meet so many of you online and offline this year! Harp and the Harp Platform were part of a number of events: NodePDX, Polyglot Conference, Node Brigade, Web Performance Vancouver, CSS Brigade, Vancouver Dev Week / CascadiaJS, RubyConf Argentina, and more.

If you are interested in speaking, hosting a meetup, or introducing Harp to at event this coming year, please get in touch with us! We’ll share your event, and see if we can send some Harp swag for you to give away.

The year in numbers

There were 65 releases of Harp this year, lead by author Sintaxi, with pull requests to Harp and Terraform from 14 generous individuals. Issues are major contribution as well, so thanks to anyone who opened one this past year: we happily closed 123.

A graph of contributions to sintaxi/harp on GitHub over 2013

Of course, GitHub is constantly summarising these numbers—take a look at the graphs if you’re interested.

Help us grow Harp

With the addition of Sass, there will be many more designers and developers who might appreciate Harp. If someone you know is interested in preprocessing, static sites, or is investigating client-side applications and you think Harp would be helpful to them, please share it! We’re always looking for more feedback and are ready to help out on GitHub and Twitter.

Thank you

Thank you for your interest and support this past year! Can’t wait to see what you make in 2014.