Harp Weekly – HTML5 Up Boilerplates

If you’re looking to make something new with Harp, Rob Ellis has given you a good head start this week. He has converted fifteen of HTML5Up’s templates into Harp boilerplates!


HTML5UP Boilerplates

Helios boilerplate

On top of the wide range of options, they now all use layouts, partials and EJS. There’s plenty of jumping off points here if you’ve been looking to get started customising a Harp application.

Blog Posts

Turn the switch to Harp

Here, Marcel Fuhrmann writes in German about preprocessing and the no-backend movement.

Create a sitemap.xml with Harp

Kevin Saliou has written another useful post about how he’s customised Sintaxi’s sitemap mixin for his own needs.

GitHub Issues

This past week, there’s been some good discussions around feature requests on Harp’s GitHub issues page. It’s been really helpful to read about how people are using Harp—if you’re interested in getting more involved, joining in on a discussion there.

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