Harp Weekly – #1 on GitHub

Since Sintaxi wrote Introducing Harp a few weeks ago, we’ve seen a lot of people enjoy building things with it. Starting today, each week or so we’ll collect what’s new surrounding Harp—blog posts, sites, apps and community projects—and feature them here.

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#1 Trending Repo on Github!

Thanks to everyone who starred and watched Harp on GitHub. Harp had a great stint as the top trending repo.

Harp trending on GitHub



This stunning, long-form, blog boilerplate was created by Ross Howard-Jones.


Blog Posts

Moving from dynamic to static with Harp

I cut my teeth as a web developer building dynamic web sites, but more and more lately I'm finding that I don't need to do as much on the server. In fact, in some cases I don't need a back end server at all. Raymond Carver

From here, Raymond covers over converting an old site of his into a Harp app, and then deploying it to Amazon S3.

Adding Teasers and Tags for Posts with Harp

Let's add support for WordPress style teasers: teaser and the rest of the content separated by a <!-- more --> comment.

A useful post from echaozh, covering one way to create excerpts and tags for a blog built with Harp.

Starting up with Jade

Kevin Saliou has written a number of posts involving Harp, including this overview of converting a Bootstrap example from HTML to Jade.



Doc-n-TOC can generate a documentation site with a proper table of contents from your Markdown files. It’s using Harp to preprocess Markdown, Jade & LESS.


Verse, a forward-looking Stylus CSS framework, is using Harp to preprocess Markdown, Jade and, of course, Stylus.

The Verse documentation.

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