Harp Documentation

Install Harp
Get started quickly with a screencast and tutorial.

Understanding the basics Five simple rules you can count on while making your own Harp applications.


Learn how to run Harp wherever you need it:

  • Locally, while you design and develop static sites or client-side applications
  • As Middleware, making Harp the asset pipeline for a larger application built with Express and Node.js
  • In Production, where Harp will act as a web server, caching and can serve static content


Read The Rules, a single page crash course in getting the most out of Harp right away.

If you are using preprocessors to write HTML, CSS, or JavaScript, Harp will make your project dramatically easier. Harp supports Markdown, EJS, Jade, LESS, Sass, Stylus, and CoffeeScript.


Learn how to deploy Harp in production mode, and have it serve your application. Or, compile your project into HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, so it’s ready host it anywhere.

You can skip this entirely with the Harp Platform, the easiest way to get a Harp app online.


  • Contributing to Harp
    Harp is lucky to have a community that contributes back to it. Whether you are interested in fixing a bug or adding new functionality, it is covered in this guide.

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