Harp v0.20.0 – Node v5.x compatibility

Harp v0.20.0 supports Node v5.x, and simultaneously removes support for Node v0.10.x. To upgrade to the latest version of Node.js, visit the official site. Then, to ugprade or install the most recent release of Harp, run the following command from your terminal:

npm install -g harp

Depending on your platform, you may need to preface these commands with sudo:

sudo npm install -g harp

You can also configure npm to run without needing sudo. If you haven’t tried Harp before, learn how to get started quickly.

Changes in Harp v0.20.0

  • Sass is updated to v3.4.2, which improves Node-sass on Node v5.x
  • Autoprefixer is updated to the latest version
  • Lodash is available within templates

Using Lodash within templates

Now that Lodash is exposed within templates, certain template code can be simplified. For example, if you wanted to only show the posts from a blog that contained a specific tag (in this case, photos), you could use Lodash to ensure the tags array (defined with flexible metadata) _.includes() that specific tag:

  for post in public._data
    if _.includes(post.tags, 'photos')
      li= post.title

The corresponding _data.json file, in this case, might look like:

    "post-1": {
      "title": "Hello, world",
      "tags": ["blog"]
    "post-2": {
      "title": "My trip to Mars",
      "tags": ["photos", "vacation", "blog"]
    "post-3": {
      "title": "On the way back to Earth",
      "tags": ["photos", "blog"]

…but in your template, only post-2 and post-3 would be included, as post-1 doesn’t include the photos tag.

All the helpers available as part of Lodash are now available within Harp templates, and are described fully on the Lodash docs.

Work with the Harp core team

Using Harp, working on a front-end application, or involved in a large Node.js project? We work together as Chloi and are currently available for work.

If you need a team experienced in getting high quality project in JavaScript into the hands of real customers quickly, feel free to email me.

Thanks for using Harp and mention us on Twitter if you have any questions!