Harp v0.19.0 – npm@3 compatibility

Congrats to our friends at npm: npm@3 is out of beta! We have updated Harp for npm@3. We thought this was pretty important, because (as Forrest of npm pointed out) npm is using Harp for documentation!

If you’d like to update to the latest version of npm, you can optionally run: npm install -g npm@latest. Then, install or update Harp v0.19.0:

npm install -g harp

Depending on your platform, you may need to preface these commands with sudo:

sudo npm install -g npm@latest
sudo npm install -g harp

You can also configure npm to run without needing sudo. If you haven’t tried Harp before, learn how to get started quickly.

Changes in Harp v0.19.0

  • Sass is updated to v3.3.3, which improves Node-sass on Node v4.0.0
  • Connect is updated to v2.30.2, which ensures Harp is more secure when running it as Express middleware
  • Updates Minify to v0.3.3, which includes updated versions of UglifyJS2 and HTML Minify
  • Updates LRU Cache to v2.7.0
  • Changes Autoprefixer to be a PostCSS plugin: when using Harp, everything still works the same, but this will allow us to update Autoprefixer in the next version and supresses some console warnings in the meantime

Changes in Harp v0.18.0

Only a few days ago we also released Harp v0.18.0, which added Node v4.0.0 support and updated many of the preprocessors in Harp. Make sure to take a look at those updates, too.

Work with the Harp core team

Using Harp, working on a front-end application, or involved in a large Node.js project? We work together as Chloi and are available for work starting in October.

If you need a team experienced in getting high quality project in JavaScript into the hands of real customers quickly, feel free to email me.

Thanks for using Harp and mention us on Twitter if you have any questions!