Harp v0.18.0 – Node v4.0.0 compatibility

Last week, Node v4.0.0 was released. We’re very happy to see where things have landed with the Node.js Foundation: the future continues to look very promising for Node, and we’re excited to be a small part of that through work on Harp.

The following day, we updated Harp to be compatible with this new version of Node. You can install or update Harp v0.18.0 right now through npm:

npm install -g harp

Depending on your platform, you may need to preface this command with sudo:

sudo npm install -g harp

You can also configure npm to run without needing it. If you haven’t tried Harp before, learn how to get started quickly.

Changes in Harp v0.18.0

  • Node-sass updated to v3.3.2, thanks @djensen47 and @stephenway
  • We no longer have any modules that are pulled from GitHub, meaning if you don’t have git installed or can’t pull from GitHub for some reason, installing Harp shouldn’t fail. I worked on this to help close #425, which @MakiMark and others helped report. Thanks everyone!
  • EJS is updated to v2.3.1. This means EJS Filters will no longer work, which have been removed from EJS. This will impact you if you are using the hb-casper boilerplate (it has since been updated).
  • Harp’s intelligent indifference on trailing slashes now works as well on Windows as it does on OS X, which @sintaxi and I worked on
  • @sintaxi and I also worked on improving our tests on Windows, so keep using Harp on Windows and keep letting us know how it’s working for you!
  • If you’re using Harp as middleware for Express, you can now access the


Jade was not updated in this version of Harp, but if you are using it, please be sure to review the breaking changes in the last version of Harp. Namely, please change all instances of !!! to doctype.

We’ll likely be updating to the latest release of Jade in the next version, so this warning will no longer be present.


Harp now uses Sass v3.3.2, the latest version at this time. This should alleviate any issues with Node-sass compatible frameworks like Foundation, and includes new features that move Node- and Libsass even closer to parity with Ruby Sass.


We have also updated EJS to v2.3.4.

The only significant breaking change for Harp, is the removal of built-in filters, like truncate. The only boilerplate that made use of this was hb-casper, which has been updated accordingly. If you have any troubles with this, feel free to mention us on Twitter.

Work with the Harp core team

Using Harp, working on a front-end application, or involved in a large Node.js project? We work together as Chloi and are available for work starting in October.

If you need a team experienced in getting high quality project in JavaScript into the hands of real customers quickly, feel free to email me.

Thanks for using Harp and mention us on Twitter if you have any questions!