Harp recipes

Showcase of commonly used recipes for applications created with Harp.

This page is a work in progress, if there are any recipes you’d like to see here or have something to contibute, please let us know.

General recipes

Blogging recipes

Planned recipes

Marketing recipes

  • How to create a product/service landing page
  • How to A/B test
  • How to add Google Analytics

Blogging recipes

  • How to create unpublished (drafts) blog posts
  • How to sort blog posts by date
  • How to show featured images per blog post
  • How to show a specific number of blog posts

Templating recipes

App recipes

  • How to add user registration and login
  • How to share data between different users
  • How to create a dynamically generated Cache Manifest file
  • How to accept payments from users (Wufoo + Stripe + Kinvey)

Harp + X recipes

  • How to: Harp + AngularJS
  • How to: Harp + Apache Cordova / PhoneGap
  • How to: Harp + Grunt
  • How to: Harp + Bootstrap
  • How to: Harp + Foundation
  • How to: Harp + Bourbon & Neat
  • How to port a Jekyll app to Harp